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Say No to Scheduling!

Hey guys!

Something I often hear is how convenient social media scheduling tools are.

My response is: are people seeing your posts?

Have you checked out HootSuite, Buffer and other options? They allow you to schedule all your posts in one day, choose when they’ll go out, and have them automatically sent to specific social media platforms on specific days and times. Easy!

A few years ago, I listened to a presentation about different platforms’ algorithms rejecting posts that are fed from a scheduling tool. Platforms like Facebook want their users engaged. They want to minimize bots and spam as much as possible. This is to keep us happy and returning to their platform, so they can keep traffic flowing and real ads selling.

Algorithms = the code in the back of our favorite communication platforms, and even search engines, that decides who sees what.

Recently, I revisited this. After all, the algorithms change daily. Who knows - it’s 2021. Scheduling might be the ticket now!

Nope, my scheduled posts received the lowest engagement I’ve seen in the last three years. That’s because these platforms know HootSuite isn’t human!

Here’s another catch: tools like Facebook have developed their own built-in scheduling tools. These are immensely more effective than third party solutions!

And yet, my studies have proven that this engagement is still lower than human to human posting and commenting.

So, do the easy thing or the best thing?

I encourage ya’ll to take the time to post directly to your platform. If this doesn’t seem feasible, maybe you are operating on too many platforms!

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