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Who wouldn't want to work with someone clever enough to name their business "Wordy Girl Creative"? I have built five websites from the ground up over the past twenty years and we recently completed a new site for The Breeze with Elizabeth and it was done so incredibly fast with so little effort on my part. Just amazing. Give her a call and put her to work for you.

WORDY GIRL CREATIVE is a digital marketing company that simplifies your online campaign strategies, while reaching more people and giving you detailed analytics and a stellar ROI.

Connecting the Dots.

Mike Klemme,

Hi! Elizabeth here. I'm often asked how I named my business.

Well, I've always had a passion for words, whether just chatting with a friend, interviewing people for a broadcast news story in college, writing for the local paper, designing a website, or sending a newsletter... At the core of every service my company offers is: WORDS. Let's talk about telling your story and telling it well... to the right audience!

WORDY GIRL CREATIVE exists to tell your story.

Why Wordy?

Wordy Girl Services

Website Design

Let Wordy Girl help you stand out online by designing a website that fits your brand and tells your story.


Wordy Girl offers a branding package, which leaves you with a logo, set of fonts and colors and tagline that can get your business set up for success!

Newsletters/Email Blasts

Hire Wordy Girl for up to two emails a month designed, written and sent to your target audience. You'll also receive a report on who opened it and who clicked on what!

Website Development

Let Wordy Girl help you stand out online with a unique basic website, ecommerce site, or booking site.

Google Ads

We create online ads to reach people exactly when they're interested in the products and services that you offer.

Print Marketing

Let Wordy Girl design your business cards, flyers and more! 


Let Wordy Girl compile a keyword list via spreadsheet to send to your website developer, or let Wordy Girl implement the keywords and SEO best practices on your website.

Social Media Management

Wordy Girl offers management packages for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Let's plan an afternoon in your board room! We can strategize your social media presence, website functionality, and more.

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